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About ticket sales

All tickets of the six day's programs are on sale and can be purchased up to 10 minutes before the screening time.
No cancellations, changes or refunds whatsoever can be made after the credit card transaction is completed. Please ensure that you check the details of your purchase.
Reservations for up to 6 people can be made with a single booking. For 7 or more people, please make two bookings.
Customers who receive email on their mobile phone are asked to cancel the 'reject mail' setting on their personal computer, or to change the settings to allow mail from the ‘’ ( .. This may not be possible on certain smartphones and other mobile devices.

About screening times

Niigata prefecture by-laws probibit admission by high-school students and persons under the age of 18 to performances ending later than 23.00 hours.

About the purchase

In some cases, customer's PC settings may prevent the credit card operation. Please ensure that your browser and security settings are set to enable the purchase.
Tickets cannot be bought online at times when the 'purchase' mark is not shown.
Screens and screening times are subject to change without notice. Please check NIAFF's HP.
21 Mar 2023 [Asia/Tokyo]
22 Mar 2023 [Asia/Tokyo]
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